How long does my empoyer retain a record of my alcohol and drug violations ?

It depends on which governing body your employer is covered by. The following is a list of the time frames: FMCSA 3 yrs., PHMSA 2 yrs., USCG 2 yrs., FAA 5yrs. for pilots and 2 yrs. for others, FRA 2 yrs. and FTA 2 yrs. For companies not covered by federal regulations the time frame can be much longer. I have seen numerous situations where violations of previous companies drug and alcohol policies have shown up for ten previous years. It is advisiable to address any violation and get a substance abuse evaluation.

What is a drug and alcohol testing consortium ?

A consortium is an association of independent businesses that group together for a common purpose. In this case, the purpose is to provide a random drug and alcohol testing structure. The consortium serves a third party administrator for its members acting as a mediator between the employer and the government entity.

Substance Abuse Evaluation Testing

The typical substance abuse evaluation consists of a paper and pen test and a clinical interview.The most commonly used test is the SASSI-3. It  good I idea to respond in an honest fashion otherwise the test indicates covert activity. The second part is the clinical interview. Here the evaluator is exploring the drug or alcohol history so that a determination can be made as to whether he is dealing with an isolated incident or a chronic condition. Again the best policy is to be honest in your responses keeping in mind that you are dealing with an experienced professional.

Out Of State DUI

If you receive a DUI in a state outside of California and are required to have a substance abuse evaluation can it be done here in California. The answer is yes. I have conducted substance abuse evaluations for individuals who have received DUI’s in the following states: New York, Montana, Idaho, Louisana, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Illinois and Texas. The recommended counseling/education can also be completed in California.