Selecting a substance abuse evaluator.

There are a range of individuals performing substance abuse evaluations. They range from drug counselors to mental health professionals with specialized training.If you are attempting to determine if you have a substance abuse problem the drug counselor is an appropriate selection. In the event the evaluation is going to be used is a legal action or to make a custody or visitaion decision it is important that the evaluator have the strongest crenitials.

Visitation or Custody Substance Abuse Evaluations

When a drug issue arises with a parent in a visitation or custody dispute typically the court requires a substance abuse evaluation. This evaluation is conducted by a Substance Abuse Professional who also has a license in a mental health discipline. It is extremely important that the individual is careful to select an evaluator who has credentials the court will view as credible. The actual evaluation should include the following: written tests, a clinical interview, review of court documents, interviews with employer and family members, and a consultation with any mental health professionals providing services to the family. The throughness of the evaluation lends credibilty to the final conclusions and recommendations