California Nursing Board Alcohol/Drug Violations

When there is a pre-licensure substance abuse violation the Board’s position is that it needs to act to protect the public from a potentially impaired nurse. The action begins at the point the individual files the application to obtain a Registered Nurse License. The Board denies the application due to the history of substance abuse issues. The Attorney General’s office is alerted to the fact that the applicant has violations and files a legal document titled “Statement of Issues”. This document recites the violations that led to the denial. The next step in the process is a hearing but typically the applicant enters a stipulated settlement negotiated with the attorney general’s office. The settlement agreement states the following, “Upon successful completion of the licensure examination and all other licensing requirements, a license shall be issued to the individual. Said license shall immediately be revoked, the order of revocation stayed, and the individual shall be placed on probation for a period of three (3) years.”