Refusing to Submit to a Required D.O.T. Drug Test

A employee who refuses to submit to a required drug test or who receives a verified adulterated or substituted drug test must be immediately removed from performing safety-sensitive functions.The employee may not return to the performance of safety-sensitive duties until the employee successfully completes the return-to-duty process.

Substance Abuse Professional Reports on Alcoholism

When a substance abuse professional diagnoses an indivivual with “alcoholism” that driver is medically disqualified and cannot return to driving by completing the SAP’s recommendations. The final step before returning to driving must be an examination by a DOT medical examiner.School bus drivers and municipalities are exemt from medical examinations.For additional information contact Robert W Harelson @

Substance Abuse Evaluation Testing

The typical substance abuse evaluation consists of a paper and pen test and a clinical interview.The most commonly used test is the SASSI-3. It  good I idea to respond in an honest fashion otherwise the test indicates covert activity. The second part is the clinical interview. Here the evaluator is exploring the drug or alcohol history so that a determination can be made as to whether he is dealing with an isolated incident or a chronic condition. Again the best policy is to be honest in your responses keeping in mind that you are dealing with an experienced professional.